Teuku Badruddin Syah


Message from The CEO

WANGSA’s objectives are centered on increasing shareholder value. The company’s main objective is to enhance shareholder value by lowering costs while profitably expanding operations in a sustainable manner. The strategy maintains focus on WANGSA’s core business with a view to maximizing output in order to increase cash generation and lower unit costs.

WANGSA plans to sustain growth through reliable expansion projects, strategic alliances, and adding value by increasing processing activities. WANGSA will also maintain financial strength. By generating as much cash as possible WANGSA ensures it will have sufficient funds to repay debts, finance continued growth and pay dividends. Lowering costs means operating more efficiently and productively, as well as increasing capacity to benefit from economies of scale.

WANGSA realizes its operations have a direct impact on the surrounding environment and nearby communities. Environmental sustainability and community development are not viewed merely as being socially responsible, but also as risk management. Serious attention to natural conservation efforts and proactive participation in community development are one of the keys to successful activities.